A2Z Gradebook +Plus 6.1


A2Z Gradebook is a teachers grading program which stores grades, calculates averages, and generates reports. A2Z Gradebook was developed with ease of use in mind. A2Z Gradebook comes in standard and +Plus editions. Features Weighted grades: Use point based averaging, weigh by assignment, or weigh by category Supports multiple classes: There is no limit to the number of classes (subjects) Automatically assign grades according to a scale: Scales are very flexible. Use a traditional letter scale (A, B+) or your own custom scale (secure, learning, beginning) Drop scores: Automatically drop the lowest score(s) for each student in a class Enter numeric or non-numeric scores: Enter a letter instead of a number Mark scores with custom comments: Create your own list of comments and mark scores as necessary. Use comments like late, excused, called parents, etc. Retain student information from year to year: Carry over information about students from year to year to save data entry time. Record student notes: Enter optional notes for each student for the term View student scores and averages graphically: Create bar graphs for viewing trends Many different reports: Comes with many standard reports for viewing and communicating data Customize reports: If you need a special report, you can create your own template Record attendance: Track student attendance also Record conduct: Record student conduct information Record subcategory marks for each class: Record subcategory information perfect for non-assessment items Password protection: Protect your data with a password

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